PhD Candidate in Computer Science

UniBas, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Oct. 2023 – Present Basel, Switzerland
Supervisor: Aurelien Lucchi

Master of Science in Data Science

IP Paris, Department of Applied Mathematics

Sept. 2021 – Aug. 2023 GPA 17.65/20 Palaiseau, France
Thesis: Unified Analysis of Asynchronous Algorithms
Thesis Supervisor: Mher Safaryan, Dan Alistarh

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics

MIPT, Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Sept. 2017 – Jul. 2021 GPA 4.95/5 (9.27/10)Dolgoprudny, Russia
Thesis: Distributed Second Order Methods with Fast Rates and Compressed Communication
Thesis Supervisor: Peter Richtárik

Recent Posts

New paper on Error Feedback is now on arXiv. We developed new method, EControl, which provably handles two sources of noise – stochastic gradients and error from contractive compression – in all standard regimes. Moreover, in all settings the convergence improves with the number of clients participating in the training.

I have participated in NTDS workshop where the members of University of Basel and close collaborators have given talks on various subjects. In particular, I have given a talk on Newton-3PC project which has recently been accepted to Transactions on Machine Learning Research.

After ICLR deadline has passed, it is a right time to take a deep breath and post some updates. I am happy to share that I have finished my internship at Institute of Science and Technology Austria. I had a chance to work under the supervision of two great researchers, Mher Safaryan and Dan Alistarh. I presented the internship results during my Master’s thesis defense at Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Besides, I am also thrilled to announce that I am joining University of Basel as a new PhD student where I will work under the supervision of Aurelien Lucchi. I am looking forward to meet all members of the lab and start working on new challenging problems!

I am happy to announce that new paper has just been published on arXiv. It is a project in collaboration with amazing guys. The paper introduces over personalization phenomenon which allows to remove completely the effect of data heterogeneity and always takes place.

Right now I am doing my internship at Institute of Science and Technology Austria. Here I am working at Distributed Algorithms and Systems group, IST Austria run by Prof. Dan Alistarh. I am working on theory of distributed SGD.